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I am a licensed Permanent Makeup artist and also a licensed Registered Nurse.

I am Korean, so I naturally have fine hair and eyebrows. This made it difficult for me to have a well-defined face, so I would always use eyebrow pencils and other eyebrow cosmetics before I went outside of my home. When I was in my early twenties, I started to take swimming lessons.  One of the guys at the pool would always make a comment about how my face looked different before and after being in the pool, so I decided to get permanent makeup done, and loved it.

Permanent makeup made my life much easier and helped me to have more confidence when I didn’t have regular makeup on.  Like most women, my right eyebrow and left eyebrow are little different from each other, so I had to always spend lots of time putting on makeup. After I had permanent makeup done, my life was much easier and I spent less time in the morning or whenever I had to get ready to go out.

Moreover permanent makeup helps my face have a much cleaner look and better defined features.

I’ve enjoyed the benefits of it so much that I decided to become a Permanent Makeup artist myself. I traveled back to Korea to learn and get certified from a very well respected school in Seoul.  I am also a Registered Nurse in Hawaii and Korea, and worked as an RN for several years. I felt that my experience and background in Medicine would help me be a better Permanent Makeup artist as I am very, very concerned with being clean and working with new and sterilized equipment.  My machine is the latest available, I only use disposable needles for one time usage, and I only purchase all natural, high quality ink colors imported from Germany.

Unfortunately not all people use this valuable technique in the right way. Many unlicensed people use incorrect tattoo inks, cheap inks and untested pigment colors that can cause people to have ugly black, blue or red eyebrows which can stay forever.  Also, there are many unlicensed people who perform work outside of shops that are not inspected do not know the importance of using the write inks and disposable needles.

Permanent makeup techniques need to break your skin and put into color in your face, similar to a tattoo.  So It is very important to use disposable equipment such as needles, cottons, color and gloves.

Myself, and my salon are fully licensed by the State Of Hawaii to perform Cosmetic Tattoos (Permanent Makeup).  I am also fully licensed Registered Nurse in Hawaii, New York and Korea. As an RN I only perform Permanent Makeup techniques with the safest and highest quality pigment colors. My machines are utilize the latest and safest technologies and designs. I always clean my work environment with medical grade disinfectants like Cavicide and Madacide.

I treat my clients as I want to be treated. Please read some of my testimonials and view the photos on my website to view some of my Natural Beauty designs.

Check out my Frequently Asked Questions for information on taking care of your skin before and after your procedure.

Visit my Contact Page to book an appointment and I look forward to helping you look and feel Naturally Beautiful!

Fully Licensed

I am fully licensed for Permanent Makeup as well as Registered Nurse. You're in good hands!  Read More

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We import our makeup ink from Germany and only use the best ink quality available...  Read More

Safe & Sterile

We only use disposable needles and medical grade cleaners on our equipment...  Read More

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