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Fully Licensed

I am fully licensed for Permanent Makeup as well as Registered Nurse. You're in good hands!  Read More

Highest Quality Ink

We import our makeup ink from Germany and only use the best ink quality available...  Read More

Safe & Sterile

We only use disposable needles and medical grade cleaners on our equipment...  Read More

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We offer several different types of Permanent Eyebrow Enhancements

  1. Eyebrow Hair Strokes - We carefully draw each individual hair stroke to create natural, rich looking and beautiful eyebrows.

  2. Eyebrow Powder - We artfully blend several colors together to create a stunning yet realistic makeup look that matches your skin and hair tones.

  3. Eyebrow Combo Package - We skillfully utilize both the Hair Stroke method and Powder method to create the most natural, yet beautiful eyebrows ever.

Eyebrow Pricing - $350

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